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October 25, 2020
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World of Warcraft’s nicest boy is unhappy, kidnapped to the loss of life realms

Blizzard launched the pre-patch for World of Warcraft’s upcoming Shadowlands growth on Tuesday, an replace that features a slew of recent character customization choices, class adjustments, and extra. It additionally incorporates a new cutscene, which takes place after the cinematic we noticed at BlizzCon 2019, and this one is a deal with for lore followers. It seems that tons of main NPCs have been kidnapped and escorted to the realms of loss of life, the place they’re presumably being tortured and tormented.

Bolvar Fordragon, the Lich King, monologues that Sylvanas Windrunner is on the unfastened and has cracked open the barrier between the traditional world and the realms of loss of life. Apparently, she’s solely getting began. Then, we see key lore characters being kidnapped by her servants. Considered one of these victims is very tragic — and just a little humorous. Anduin Wrynn, the Excessive King of Stormwind, is having a dangerous time.

Anduin Wrynn is without doubt one of the greatest characters in World of Warcraft; he’s additionally one of many characters that doesn’t hail from the Warcraft technique video games. When gamers first met him within the authentic recreation, he was just a bit boy. We’ve watched him develop up and undergo an entire coming-of-age character arc, the place he accepted that he might rule as King of Stormwind.

Now he appears to be on an entire new journey of distress and sorrow. The final couple of years have simply been terrible for him. First, his dad dies in an excellent messy and public means. Simply when he finds his toes, Sylvanas Windrunner pulls a genocide on his elven allies, and everybody will get actually mad at him about it. He has to combat a bloody struggle in opposition to the Horde, watches his ally within the coup get murdered by Sylvanas on the gates of Orgrimmar, and now he’s been kidnapped by loss of life angels at his dad’s grave, whereas his surrogate dad watches on and screams in horror.

As a result of World of Warcraft runs on a really accelerated timeline, principally all of this occurred within the span of about 18 months.

Pictured: Sylvanas, who did plenty of the homicide.
Picture: Blizzard Leisure

Followers have been getting hints for a while now that one thing isn’t fairly proper with Anduin. For example, within the Legion growth, we obtained a creepy Previous God prophecy within the Emerald Nightmare: “The boy-king serves on the grasp’s desk. Three lies will he give you.”

Within the guide Shadows Rising, which was launched in July, Anduin will get some extra characterization. He likes to decorate up as a commoner and go to the native inn to drink and flirt. Sounds cool, proper? Nicely, he has some troubling ideas about it:

Generally he felt like a coin satchel, and each fear, each drawback, each mistake, each disaster was one other fats, heavy coin falling into that bag. […] After some time, nevertheless, the material began to pressure. Among the cash needed to go or the satchel would rip, the underside falling out, the cash spilling all over the place. Each breath he drew in, each second that handed, one other coin got here—Sylvanas evading them—plink—Alliance troopers washing up on shore—plink—Alleria and Turalyon—plink—Jaina questioning him—plink—Tyrande—plink—Teldrassil—plink—the Forsaken within the Highlands—his spymaster taken prisoner—plink, plink.

When the cash spilled, Anduin discovered himself earlier than the nice carved hearth in his bed room on the ground, legs tucked as much as chest, catatonic, eyes unable to shut, thoughts unable to clear, the flames simply inches earlier than him searing into his imaginative and prescient till tears poured down his cheeks.

All of this appears fairly comprehensible — it’s 2020, I’ve had a couple of moments like that myself — however this dude additionally has entry to a complete military, a spaceship able to orbital bombardment, and the flexibility to regulate individuals’s minds.

On the finish of Shadows Rising, there’s one other trace that issues are going badly.

Anduin made a delicate sound of disgust and stood, hovering over her, contemplating her for an extended and tense spell. A wisp of purple power traveled down his arm, gathering in his palm. It occurred in a blink, coming and going, dissipating earlier than Mathias might see for sure what the king had performed. […] Shaw felt Jaina’s eyes upon him, and he glanced her means. If he was rattled earlier than, the concern etched upon Jaina’s forehead shook him to the core.

Perhaps this example isn’t nice! That textual content was written earlier than he bought kidnapped. It seems to be like he’s beginning to respec out of Holy and into Shadow. We’ve gotten a touch of what that may appear to be with the Hearthstone card Shadowreaper Anduin, who’s actually a shadowy and eternally screaming wraith. On one hand, that’s an entire temper. Then again, I’ve some issues.

Nobody can truly save Anduin till Shadowlands, which bought delayed to an unknown date in 2020. There are new customization choices within the pre-patch, however that simply means everyone seems to be crowding into barber outlets and displaying off their sick new eyebrows and haircuts on social media, whereas our king is being tortured in Hell by an evil elf.

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